Happiness - mental health

Happiness - mental health

HAPPINESS. As adults and health professionals, we refer to it as mental health or emotional wellbeing but they frequently tell us the term they are comfortable with is ˜happiness".Young people have pointed out that if people are ˜happy "they are more likely to do well in life and be physically healthy as a result. Other issues such as alcohol abuse can also arise out a lack of happiness. Our young people would like a big discussion on happiness (mental health).


Care pathways should be confirmed flagging any deficit or risk at all levels.

Physical and mental health are inseparable. They also feel there should be more invested in early intervention, education and awareness and that this would have a benefit in terms of people's overall happiness as adults and cost less than to fix problems in the future. Their opinion is that mental health problems develop frequently in the teenage years but not enough is done at this stage and many don't find help or support until it is having a big impact on their lives.

If mental health is Cinderella to physical health, then mental health promotion doesn't even make it to the ball. Yet promoting happiness, (or good mental health) has the potential to save across a wide range of budgets, including the NHS physical health budget. (See debate under 'Parity of esteem for mental health'.) Mental health promotion certainly requires co-ordinated health and social care, preferably with pooled budgets, but it also requires coordinated action across multiple services.

What are Mental Health Trusts actually doing, except hiding within other facilities? Swathes of people with dementia are being ill-served - as mental health teams chat on. That is not what we pay for. We need adequate therapies for all ages and types, wherever they will help, instead of drugs. We need a way to counter the terminal loneliness of the old, and to adequately support those who have little confidence. Our mental health impacts on every other area of life. Get off the fence and help!

Yet another branding change within the NHS is being used to covertly remove a swathe of services which we have paid for and have every right to expect. Silent removal of our NHS services under the cover of this re-branding is harming us all. To avoid misinterpretation: we no longer have social care services, since they have been sold off to commercial enterprises. But in any case, our social care is a health matter. That makes it an NHS matter. Stop wasting our money on whizzy conferences. Put it back where it belongs, to serve us.

stop playing PR games in the NHS we get enough of that from the politicians

Totally agree see previous answer

Totally agree see previous answer

Happiness is not the same as mental health, and making the NHS responsible for happiness too would just make its problems worse. Most of the points made for this idea have little to do with happiness. It's just not a healthcare matter.

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