Neglect and Crisis in maternal mental health services

Neglect and Crisis in maternal mental health services

Non-punitive, supportive services and very basic practical help such as help with housework should be available to prevent disruption of family life and maternal death after childbirth. Fast responding and special services are needed to prevent mothers tipping over into serious illness which results in long term disruption of family life and break up of families with children being taken into care. The stigma of mental illness needs to be removed but no more so than in this area.


NHS and Social Services are intervening brutally by taking newly delivered mothers to court two days after delivery to remove babies from mentally ill mothers. Child protection orders are as much about social workers protecting their backs as protecting children . There needs to be more openness and information as well as investment in good quality services for mothers at risk. Short lived Intervention and support may save pain and distress lasting for a generation if a mother dies

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