How will hospital to primary care shift be sustainable?

How will hospital to primary care shift be sustainable?

If we are moving away from hospital led care to care closer to home within primary care, how will this be sustainable with the current shortage of GPs? What will it mean for patients and carers and choice? This is the big drive. We want to make sure that we get it right for patients, carers and staff and that the quality of services and accessibility continues to improve. There is a risk attached to downgrading hospitals on the assumption that primary care can deliver.


GP practice has its own business cycle that seems to depend largely on the public mood. The latest downturn has been swifter and deeper than any I can remember (since the 60's). We need more, better trained GPs who are allowed to practice medicine. Their remuneration package should be attractive, and provide for enough admin support for all the form filling, including incentives to make efficient use of IT. We should not begrudge rewarding doctors for their lengthy training and expertise

Much of the engagement work I currently do leads to people raising concerns about access to primary care.

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