Health Accounts

Health Accounts

Each citizen will have a Health Account which belongs to him or her and provides the citizen or an intermediary complete access to the account holder's state of health, what health services are currently being used, the history of use and help in finding other services. Health Accounts will be provided by a number of organisations in accord with standards set by NHS England and HSCIC. Each Account will be unique and so can hold information from eg smartphone apps, wearable monitors, etc.


Communicating about health matters is becoming better and more widespread. A coherent way of doing this is essential to enabling more and better informed communocatipn about health. The setting up of Health Accounts will provide an integrated part of the infrastructure for this.

Never heard of Health Accounts but have heard of care data, I do not have enough information to have an informed opinion about the benefits to me. More details please.

I didn't want to make a point against this idea, but need to know more - it would be useful to read further discussion. I wonder if having individual Health Accounts might encourage people to look for private health care. If the Accounts are set up in a way which assists individuals to find their way around NHS provision, then the result could be very good.

People would need support but I can see the benefits of being able to access this information.

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