Involving young people in NHS policy development.

Involving young people in NHS policy development.

Youth focused policies are more likely to be effective if they are youth-led, starting 'where young people are'.


Running along side with NHS Citizen was the NHS Participation Academy, unsure if the Academy is still up and running as it has gone quiet but here would be the right platform to develop youth people's group/committee skills to engage with NHS England with confidence with background support from the Patient and Public Voice Team.

Every child at an appropriate age should be encouraged to engage in the system by offering opinions on improvement. This should promote the health and well being of every child. Any deficits should be recorded and responded to

Young people are not traditionally involved in the policy making processes of large public institutions leading to policies that are not best placed to meet multiple complex needs. Young people not only have the capability to support policy makers to develop their youth-focused policies but also to help the NHS to sustain the involvement of other young people, from all sections of society, for future generations.

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