Youth involvement in policy development

Youth involvement in policy development

The Youth Insight team at Mentor UK believe that it is vital that young people be involved in policy development and that NHS England should make it a priority to involve young people in any discussion and development of their policies. The


The NHS England Board already has input from young people, and no one is suggesting that the existing mechanism is a failure. There's no point in putting forward an idea for something that's already happened.

This is an important subject that should be supported but there is already a suggestion to discuss involving young people in policy development so both topics should be discussed together.

Working in tandem with young people to shape the services that they will ultimately use ensures that these services are exactly what it’s demographic requires. Finally, as young people are the future generation, involving them in NHS policy development now means that they will be far more satisfied and far more willing to engage with the NHS as they transition into adulthood. Youth Insight therefore asks that NHS England make this a priority on their agenda at the AGM.

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