Training for Patient and Public Lay Representatives

Training for Patient and Public Lay Representatives

Lay representatives provide a vital contribution to the future development of the NHS. They provide insight and are 'experts in experience'. Training and support need to be provided to optimise this essential source of knowledge and opinion.


If Lay Representatives are not supported in their contribution, the Public Voice will not be heard. The NHS will continue to be dominated by bureaucratic ideas which are not in patients' best interests.

How can Lay individuals stand any chance in contributing in a confident and competent manor if they have assumptions on how our complex services are run, the cultures, systems and processes? If co-producing citizens are to stand any change of equal partnership they must be nurtured just like the professionals round the table to understand the ‘business’ they are helping to re-shape. It’s not just about a no ‘jargon’ rule it’s about ensuring they understand the debate matter well enough to carry

It is not training that is required, it is support.

The value is only if they are listened to. Those with feet on the ground see past dogma and politics and look at the realities affecting NHS and it patients.

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