Physical & Mental Health should be assessed together.

Physical & Mental Health should be assessed together.

The NHS spends a millions on drugs for things like hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, stroke, heart, etc.. Some of these conditions in the early stages, might be due to what is happening in that patient's life at that time, i.e. Unemployment, bereavement, worry over a family member, finances, etc....


People with long-term conditions need support for physical and mental health to lead the best lives they can.

People with multiple problems (surely that is most of us) would of course benefit from someone to discuss them with, and signpost to the relevant services (if avail). The trouble is that back in the real world it won't happen. GPs are already overstretched managing their current demand & now NHS budgets too. I completely agree, however, that we need to be able to talk through our difficulties - this is where communities, friends & voluntary sector support come in, backed up by education & info.

If GPs were given more time with each patient, to be able to get an overall view of both physical and mental health, it would first of all and most importantly give quality of life to that patient. The GP could then refer, or point in the right direction. In turn it would help the amount of medication that is dispense, which in some cases, does not help the underlying problems. In turn it would save the NHS millions which could be used in the areas, which it is has problems in. Everyone wins.

People with mental health issues are not taken seriously when they feel that the root of their mental health problem has to do with a physical underlying illness. The GPs seem to think the person's concern about their physical health is all in their head and never do anything to prove otherwise.

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