NHS Citizen Gather

NHS Citizen Gather

This is a test version of the NHS Citizen Gather space; it helps people identify and discuss the issues that the NHS should be talking about. Ideas that generate the most discussion and support or which have the most national significance will be brought to the Assembly meeting for further discussion with the NHS Board.


Help people in secure care mental hospitals be heard

Accessibility to medicine for people with learning difficult

Use Social points to promote your ideas

Makes patients aware of cost of treatment

It’s easy to add a new idea

No Patient Involvement at Strategic Level in Vanguards

Make information systems more contected

Better access to patient's own record

Better joined-up care between hospitals

How to reduce 'postcode' lottery under CCG commissioning?

Physical & Mental Health should be assessed together.

Publish an online citizens guide to current NHS Finances

"Find my least busy A&E" and "When's my ambulance coming?"

Enabling people living with dementia to speak out globally!

Make it comfortable to blow the whistle in the NHS.

Join up psychiatric care services

Free WiFi at all NHS facilities

All GP Patients automatically Opted Out of care.data

Rights for Family Carers

Fight for equality in Health where inequalities exist

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