Publish an online citizens guide to current NHS Finances

Publish an online citizens guide to current NHS Finances

There should be a single website which provides an up to date and comprehensive view of the finances of the NHS, including Clinical Commissioning Groups, Specialised Commissioning and Providers, updated monthly as each of these organisations release their latest results for their governing bodies. This site could also make available, in an easily understood fashion, the costs of each procedure provided under NHS tariffs.


Organisational financial performance should not be viewed and compared in isolation. More informative might be a comparable organisational dashboard which includes organisational financial status and direction of travel.

Information about the financial performance of most NHS providers and commissioners is regularly disclosed and made available to the public, but only if you know where to look and t is distributed across hundreds of different websites. It is difficult for citizens, press, politicians and others to understand the system they pay for, which leads to uninformed debate. An official dashboard of all NHS finances, updated monthly, would lead to greater transparency and openness.

This information should be available on a monthly basis. The idea of a dashboard is interesting and I would support it, but not at the exclusion of raw data - dashboards can only ever show part of the story. NHS Organisations should be allowed to put some narative alongside any published figures to explain what they are doing to address any pressures.

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