Better joined-up care between hospitals

Better joined-up care between hospitals

It's frustrating when you're visiting different hospitals for treatment and information doesn't filter through from one team to another. The most basic example of this is having to repeat blood tests 3 or 4 times because the information is not accessible between teams. Acute medicine can sometimes feel like the overall person and their wants/needs/aims aren't taken into account. It would be great to have a better co-ordinated approach to help put the person first.


I'd love to see the creation of a care co-ordinator role (maybe nurse or GP-led) who you can talk to and who can liaise on your behalf between your various medical teams. This person approaches your care from your personal perspective - assessing your hopes/needs now and for the future, and trying to filter them into the teams who are making decisions about your care. Perhaps this is your GP - if so a dedicated appointment giving you the chance to discuss your care would be needed.

This would be much easier if all my test results were available online in one record - perhaps held by my GP - and under my control so I could share them with anyone I wanted to

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