Greater understanding for people with learning disabilities

Greater understanding for people with learning disabilities

Tolerance - giving staff training on disability awareness [submitted at #expo14nhs]


Make the new reception touch screen more accessible for people with learning difficulties because they are currently difficult to use

Not given the support by doctors and time - doctors seem unaware of what they are *supposed* to do according to the NHS, and ignore the additional support that people with learning difficulties need.

NHS should work with the learning disability community to make services more accessible - LDC do not feel listened to.

15 minutes is not enough time to communicate effectively

Because staff are unaware of how to interact with people with autism, for example

A learning disabled man was given a telephone appointment to explain blood tests results. He was told he was low on folic acid. He had no idea was this was. Fortunately I was listening in and able to help him. He should never have been told this over the phone, he should have had an appointment with the practice Nurse or given an easy to read leaflet explaining what to do and who to ask if he needed help.

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