Enabling people living with dementia to speak out globally!

Enabling people living with dementia to speak out globally!

This campaign builds on an innovative partnership between Kate Swaffer, Australia and Gill Phillips, UK, using the Whose Shoes? approach to raise awareness of what it's like to be diagnosed with dementia and carry on living a fulfilling, enjoyable life. As #dementiachallengers with strong networks of values-based people, we'll provide channels for people living with dementia globally to work with policy makers /commissioners, as equals, to deliver truly dementia-friendly communities. & have fun!


Told we need respite for our health - but it is not there. This is a health need, not a social need. We should be getting health from the NHS. A social worker cannot help us with this, we need it from the NHS. Don't need someone to come and help with the washing up, we need the NHS to give us the support.

Deliberate removal of dementia services, coupled with drives to diagnose, show an indifference to a truly frightening condition by the people paid to help. Demented individuals are still those who probably paid in most to the NHS, yet their needs are not only ignored, but used against their health, and that of their family carers. NHS trashes their very needy health problem, wrongly sending them to be financially stripped by commercial 'social care'. Beggars can't fight back!

"We will take every opportunity to raise awareness of the reality of living with dementia and get people working together for inclusive dementia-friendly communities”. This is the powerful campaign we are launching as part of #NHSCHangeDay: http://changeday.nhs.uk/campaign?select=3185. We're supporting Dementia Alliance International http://www.dementiaallianceinternational.org/ to enable people living with dementia to speak out and have a good quality of life. Please vote AND join our campaign.

Recognise needs and rights of carers of those with dementia

Social centres that provide community and support (not to be spoken down to) where people with dementia can go and find services they need but also enjoy their social life.

Support the biggest workforce in health and social care - family carers of those with dementia. Without these carers there will be more hospital admissions and admissions to long term care. Carers need training and support that meets their individual needs - we need to invest in them or the statutory services will not cope. Carers call to action - Dementia Action Alliance!

Lasting power of attorneys are lost and ignored - if they are not they are over-ridden in front of you. This is ignoring the law.

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