Makes patients aware of cost of treatment

Makes patients aware of cost of treatment

The UK population accept the idea that the NHS treatment we receive is free. Could we add to all prescriptions, doctor and hospital appointment and treatment letters an estimated cost of the service? Supermarket bills tell us what we have saved by having a loyalty card. On prescriptions or appointment letters the following or similar words could be added, "This medicine/ treatment has cost you and other taxpayers £xx." Perhaps it would then be more appreciated.


People need to realise we are all 'on benefits' and that NHS cost is a significant financial cost. People can have transparency as to where their taxes go

''The UK population accept the idea that the NHS treatment we receive is free.'' --- Oh no it isn't. --- Oscar Wilde '' ... the price of everything, and the value of nothing.'' How dare we place considerations of ethical, moral, philosophical or cultural values above the raw financial aspects of these commercial transactions about Health and Well-being. The sooner the NHS is privatized, and we learn that health is a commodity, just like scrap metal or coffee beans, the better our society and tha

People appear to value services more if it doesn't come easily. Many people receiving the services of the NHS do not remember what it was like before 1948 when the NHS was introduced. We do not want to wait until we've lost it before appreciating it and using it properly.

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