Human rights

Human rights

Human rights should be at the heart of what the NHS does


Every single member of staff, from the receptionist at the GP to the nurse and consultant at the hospital needs to be fully trained to treat people with respect.

Treat people as human beings not just their disability

Respect gender AND non-gender

People are told 'you shouldn't', they don't seem to have even basic training in how to treat people who self-harm. There's no 'customer service'

People aren't treated the way they should be, patients are human beings and deserve human rights

All services, treatment and beyond needs to start with the patient first, what do they *need* and how do the need it?

Being treated with respect should be a basic tenet of human rights for all citizens. Every citizen is entitled to be treated with respect and understanding, particularly when they are in an unusual situation, when they may be disorientated and somewhat scared following a trauma or illness to themselves or a loved one (which is the usual reason why an individual may engage with the NHS?)

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