Fight for equality in Health where inequalities exist

Fight for equality in Health where inequalities exist

I live in a Community where years of life expectancy for someone born today is 8 years less for men and 10 years for women less than an affluent area less than 3 miles away by the Councils Strategic Needs assessment . This should not be allowed to happen in our day and age and with the fourth richest economy in the world . I want NHS England to put more money into areas where healthy life expectancy is limited by health inequalities and instruct CCG's to deal with inequalities as an urgent issu


I live in the City of Chester which everyone thinks is full of rich people and in government circles we are termed affluent . Two areas of Chester though fall in the bottom 10% of the measure for Deprivation in the whole Country .We suffer in funding because Chester as a whole is above average in the same measure . I am really working hard as a volunteer to get our views heard by West Cheshire CCG and the Council who I want to divert money from health in rich areas to more Deprived areas

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