Bringing 'agitators' to the fore

Bringing 'agitators' to the fore

Too often people who have spoken up about concerns as well as offer ideas for improvement have been categorised as 'agitator' or disrupters - how can we make an environment where they are listened to, energy used and seen now agents for positive change - changemakers


The availability of Social Media, such as Twitter, provides a ready and effective tool for Change Management (or for the Agitator to express views and engage in discussion, to get feedback to develop their views) Anyone who suggests change to the 'status quo' also needs to consider the 'what's in it for me' mindset for each stakeholder group - we all have a similar mindset when faced with making change!

We need change: from Administrators and leaders within the NHS. Alone, they have no incentive to 'rock the boat'. They need agitators who know what is wrong and agitators who can see how to put it right. For goodness sake, most agitators do the work for love of the service. It is time that those who are being handsomely paid to do the job, listened and acted. An annual prize for the best agitator in each area, might bring amazing results..assuming anyone listens and acts.

Agitators provide the energy for change - harness and learn from them. Their experiences are what we have to use to change what needs changing and reinforcing / supporting what works. The #NHS is not broken - it just needs an upgrade in places!

Shutting out debate - in a supposedly free country - is wrong. Where we pay handsomely for leadership, surely we then expect our leaders to be 'listening leaders, with the will to improve the work which takes place under their leadership'? If they only do the job for the new suit, the holidays and the supposed 'kudos' they need to be put out again. Clean up our public life.

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