Community health & CCGs utilising suppliers to the group

Community health & CCGs utilising suppliers to the group

Local community health groups and CCGs working together to use the same suppliers. Through advanced planning local practices would benefit greatly from having suppliers that provide for the whole group. Once the needs of individual practices have been determined, these can be considered inline with the overall group. Then preferred suppliers can be used in procuring products and services for the group as a whole; supporting growth, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving patient care


Advantages to having one service provider for the group, specifically a sterile service provider; Greater economies of scale and efficiency can be achieved with thorough logistical planning e.g. Using the sterile services deliveries to distribute other clinical products amongst the practices, time and money can be saved on admin, a reusable instrument decontamination service supports long term growth and patient safety is improved through track and trace systems and higher quality instruments

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