Use Social points to promote your ideas

Use Social points to promote your ideas

You earn Social points by adding content and also when other people like your input. Those Social points can be used to promote your ideas to other users. Those promotions are then displayed at the top of each page for other users to check out your idea.


We often have reservations about ideas that we generally support. Most often it's some sort of minor practical objection, maybe a requirement that's not in place etc. All those points can matter to others. And it can also help us to write them down, it focuses our thoughts. So don't hesitate to add all points that you think have any relevance.

The idea the more and idea is shared then the better it is; is in itself a fallacy. Some of the best ideas were the least popular in their time. There needs to be more structure to the categories to inform the areas where citizen input can be effective.

The more social points you earn, the more you can spend on promotions. If you spend more than the minimum amount for them your ads will take precedence over other peoples ads.

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