Meaningful engagement

Meaningful engagement

Proper and meaningful engagement, not we decide and then you're informed (i.e. Healthier Together in G/MNC) [submitted at #expo14nhs]


How can the NHS listen better to people it doesn't usually hear

We need to talk about this

Take the same approach to community engagement/development as you would to securing funding for publicly funded research, involve citizens at a pre formative stage of proposal/design to add value to the narrative and perspective of the citizen, Democracy, Participation and collaboration is the cornerstone of Appreciative Inquiry Action to bring about organization change are you ready NHS England?

Citizens usually feel empowered if they have access to information. The NHS Power of Information initiative, which was launched in April 2012, proposed that online access would be provided to each citizen to their own health and social care record. The availability of the information would engage citizens in their own wellbeing, as well an perhaps releasing up resource within the NHS

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