Add points for and against ideas

Add points for and against ideas

A good debate needs good points for and against each idea to make it easy for others to make up their minds about each issue. There is nothing to stop you from adding both points for and against an idea.


If people are considering others points and feel they need more information before contributing or reaching a viewpoint then could we have an 'undecided' or similar category? This may then be a place where others can add information, links, further detail etc....

I really have nothing more to add.

In this system points in support and points against have equal weight in the user interface. For a good decision it is important to consider both sides of the argument. When an idea is transferred from Your Priorities, either into further discussions or is being executed, both sides of the arguments always follow it. Having both side equally represented facilitates consensus.

I had a question about the 'join up psychiatric services' idea, but there is no category for 'undecided' or 'yes, if'. I do not think it is a good idea to oblige all contributions to be categorised as either 'support' or 'against'. It sets up positional conversation rather than finding win-wins.

If you add good points for your idea it increases the chances of its success. Likewise, if you don’t like an idea, adding a good point against it decreases its chances.

We need a balanced debate to be able to make up our minds rationally on issues. Therefore we also need points against ideas in this system. You can add as many points to an idea as you need, both for and against.

If you are undecided, want to contribute an opinion without it being either a point for or against, please start a discussion.

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