Public health information before people are ill

Public health information before people are ill

The real need to provide health information before people get ill


If we want citizens to take more responsibility for their own health an well-being, then make sure the NHS provides guaranteed high quality patient information. The 3rd sector takes patient information seriously - the public expect the NHS to take it seriously as well

[submitted as support at #expo14nhs]

So citizens can take responsibility for their health and not be viewed only as 'patients'

Public health information should not be in the form of 'telling' people what to do, but should instead engage by making available to everyone online access to their own health and social care records and data (as proposed within the NHS Power of Information initiative). Online access to their own records would engage the majority of citizens in their own wellbeing, as they would be 'encouraged' to get involved and monitor (and investigate?) the data!

* to build resilience and well being in our young people * to empower - listen and hear those with long term mental illness and/or physical illness

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