Make it comfortable to blow the whistle in the NHS.

Make it comfortable to blow the whistle in the NHS.

The Francis report brilliantly said 'we must create circumstances in which it is easier, and more palatable, to raise a genuine concern about care quality than not to do so.' Q1: What has been done to make this a reality? Q2: Is there any evidence that whistleblowing is easier, or more welcome in 2014?


Proclamations of 'honesty, transparency and patient-centredness', won't wash, and trust won't be rebuilt, until there is a visibly, positive atmosphere in which to raise concerns.There is some disturbing evidence that some reports about poor patient care are still not being published, that cases remain hidden and unresolved.

Some of the people who see first hand how policy and practice don't match are the ones that could help change the system but they're generally not part of policy making and their voice is often undervalued. When they know lives are being lost they must be empowered to speak in a democratic country without threat to livelihood. The NHS is a public body. Anyone working in it must be public and professional. Our democracy should encourage free discussion when things aren't going as planned.

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