Better access to patient's own record

Better access to patient's own record

Patients should have easier access to their own health records


Patients should be able to access their health records online. What's stopping us?

It would be helpful but only if it's in an accessible format

Online access to own GP health and care record is promised by the NHS Power of Information initiative, which has generally been ignored by GPs and Commissioners. My GP practice has now provided online access, following the issue being raised by the PPG of the practice. The NHS expects patients to become engaged in their own self care, which is expected to result in improved well being, and therefore needs to engage all by providing 24/7 access to their health & care records

All health and social care records should be available to the patient via online access, and the device allows accessibility in multiple formats. As an example, the Healthwatch Birmingham site has functionality for the information to be translated into one of >100 different languages, and the user also has the option to hear the information orally in the language selected. Large print is of course also available. Accessibility issues are being resolved?

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